Aligning assessment with Threshold Learning Outcomes in the Creative and Performing Arts

Assessment in Music


compose, perform, produce, nurture, discover

The Bachelor of Popular Music Program at QCGU utilises the Bachelor of Popular Music Assessment Tool or BoPMAT. Developed by Professor Don Lebler in partnership with a Griffith Development Team led by Donna Shepherd, the tool allows both students and teachers to provide timely feedback on hundreds of original tracks submitted as part of course work. The BoPMAT is undergoing further development and once that process is complete, consideration will be given to its deployment more broadly in Griffith University and to its potential for distribution beyond the University.

Specifically, the BoPMAT is designed to enable students to:
- present work-in-progress to peers and teachers for feedback;
- provide feedback to peers on their work-in-progress;
- submit recorded work for assessment at the end of the semester; and
- provide a contribution to the assessment of peers’ submissions.

A full description of the BoPMAT can be found here: The BoPMAT

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