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SEED project


Launched in semester one 2012, Griffith University’s SEED project is much more than a concert and album launch, it is a enterprising project which drives new strategic, business and student outcomes.

The SEED project was born from collaboration between Griffith Enterprise and the Queensland Conservatorium – Griffith University and the Griffith Film and Design Schools and allows students to commercialise their music to an online audience and generate revenue through royalties.

The project is a crossover between traditional University technology transfer activities and a Griffith Enterprise activity, but with a student experience focus.

The SEED project delivered a number of benefits including, enhanced awareness and reputation for the University, future student attraction and current student engagement, as well as providing an innovative platform for industry collaboration and cross-fertilisation of ideas and marketing opportunities.

Building on experience and reputation

The Queensland Conservatorium has an esteemed history in popular music with a reputation for producing high calibre music professionals, such as Katie Noonan, Wolfmother, The John Steele Singers, The Delta Riggs and Megan Washington.

SEED built on this history and experience and compiled the best 15 songs produced in 2011 by the students of the Bachelor of Popular Music program into an album.

SEED Volume 1 was promoted and sold online through major online digital stores including iTunes and Amazon and was launched with a free public concert featuring of five bands from a diverse range of popular music genres in a three hour live performance.

The concert attracted a significant following and was supported by national Australian broadcaster Triple J.

The album artwork and associated branding as well as the supporting marketing collateral was created by the Queensland College of Art through Liveworm Gold Coast.

The top two acts from the SEED 1 project were also provided with the opportunity to create music videos and were delivered through the Griffith Film School. From Seed 2 onwards, each artist will have a professionally filmed ‘cameo’ – interview/unplugged with snippets of live footage, suitable fir use in their personal Electronic Press Kits.

It’s innovative and provides better student outcomes

In essence, Griffith has created an integrated collaboration model which is adapting to the changes in the music industry of today’s world where artists are producing themselves more and more, where traditional labels are on the decline and where online promotion has never been easier.

More traditional university models graduate students who then work toward a deal with a record label – typically without assistance from the university.

The Griffith model turns the traditional model on its head and provides students with modern tools and experience which kick start their career and provide them with a real competitive advantage.

SEED offers Griffith students an alternative, that helps them become independent artists who can promote themselves, know how to claim their royalties and experience what selling their songs is about.

An innovative commercialisation model that adapts to the current state of the music Industry

The music industry is changing with the migration to the online world and the Industry needs to adapt. We are witnessing fantastic times with passionate debates on the section between the traditional industry stakeholders and the advocates of a necessary reform of the current systems.

The SEED concept provides a fresh new take on adaptation to the current state of the Industry. SEED will continue to grow and become a great tool to connect with the music industry and is already positioning the University as a pioneer in making commercialisation rhyme with improved student experience and outcomes.

Griffith Enterprise’s role

Griffith Enterprise was pivotal in the SEED project including, identifying the market and strategic opportunity, creating the business structure for the project, ensuring students maintain ownership of their intellectual property and educating the students on how to collect their royalties.

Griffith Enterprise Business Development Associate Anthony Pages said SEED is an exciting project that adds value to the student experience.

“Griffith has adapted to today’s music industry, where artists are producing themselves, traditional music labels’ dominance is on the decline and online promotion has never been easier. The traditional model would only give students a degree and a hope for them ‘to be signed,’” said Mr Pages.

“Griffith moves away from this and helps our students to become independent artists who can promote themselves, know how to claim their royalties and experience what’s involved in selling their songs in a real market,” Mr Pages added.

SEED for thought – Facts to know about the project

  • SEED is a commercial initiative of Griffith Enterprise and the Queensland Conservatorium – Griffith University.
  • Provides students real industry experience, boost their exposure and arms them with practical commercialisation knowledge.
  • SEED albums are broadly available.
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  • SEED features diverse artists including, folk, funk, metal, Rnb, and pop.
  • The concert and album launch featured The Phoncurves, Josh Lovegrove, Kid Marvel, Caligula’s Horse, the william moon book society.
  • The Griffith Film School produced two music videos for the two best performers.
  • Students retain IP and the arrangement is fair and flexible – students can cancel at anytime.
  • Leads in the project include, Mr Anthony Pages and Dr Jens Tampe from Griffith Enterprise, and Deputy Director (Gold Coast) of QCGU, Dr Donna Weston.
  • Global website supported featured Caligula’s Horse in the lead up to the album launch. This profiling opportunity provided excellent results: 64,363 listens of the profiled track and 300 download requests over a period of 2 weeks.
  • The SEED Facebook Page attracted over 100 ‘likes’ with 24 hours of launching.
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